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Inventor Profile


Inventor's Profile

Mr.Liew Hon Seong was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. Since young he has been actively designing, inventing and innovating new types of products. Until now, he has invented not less than 30 types of new products such as pen-form razor blade, colour changeable sun glasses, adjustable clothes hanger and etc.

T-Toothbrush is the most outstanding product that has been invented by Mr. Liew Hon Seong. It is not only more practical than ordinary toothbrush, it is also cost saving. Overall, we can say that T-Toothbrush is a brilliant invention that will benefit the entire human race.

Inventor's Statement

Since young, I have been maintaining the good habit of brushing my teeth regularly day and night. I have also been taught by teacher to brush my teeth in the correct manner. However, I still ended up with tooth decay problem. Later on, I realize that it is impossible to use an ordinary toothbrush to brush and clean up the teeth thoroughly, as our teeth are arranged in an 'U' shape. Therefore, I started to indulge myself in inventing a new type of toothbrush.

After years of research into the structure of human teeth and the function of toothbrush, i designed, invented and innovates more than 10 types of toothbrush. At last, after long period of experiment as well as practical experience, I finally invented this new type of T-Toothbrush.