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Company Profile


Graduate Group Sdn Bhd (282255-T) was incorporated in Malaysia in 1993 with RM7.0 million pay up capital. The principal business of Graduate Group is property development and manufacturing T-Toothbrush.

Graduate Group is a renowned development company in the Perak state of Malaysia. The current turnover of the property development is more than RM50 million.

Graduate Group has appointed Denson Marketing Sdn Bhd (585243-M) to market T-Toothbrush in worldwide market.

Graduate Group has applied for patent of T-Toothbrush in more than 100 major countries. A majority of applications have already been approved. T-Toothbrush is an innovative toothbrush invented by Graduate Group’s managing director Mr Liew Hon Seong. He has also invented more than 10 types of new innovative products such as anti-virus shaver, colour changeable sunglasses and adjustable clothes hanger.

The managing director of Graduate Group, Mr Liew Hon Seong is a capable leader. The business of Graduate Group is expanding rapidly under the leadership of Mr Liew Hon Seong. The management team of Graduate Group is running the business aggressively and successfully.

The vision of Graduate Group is to promote T-Toothbrush to the world and benefit the entire human race with the healthiest teeth.

The mission of Graduate Group is inventing more new consumer products to benefit consumers throughout the world.