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 My son, Alvin is a special child. All along, he uses a conventional toothbrush to brush his teeth. However, he ended up with tooth decay and his gum was damaged. After a friend introduced me to T-Toothbrush, I just thought it was more or less like a conventional toothbrush. However, my friend convinced me and said it was way better and much more effective. So, I bought one and gave it to Alvin to use. After 3 weeks, his teeth became whiter and the stains on his teeth were totally removed and his damaged gum was recovered rapidly. I realised that T-Toothbrush is a very good toothbrush and much better than a conventional one. Since then, our whole family uses T-Toothbrush and all of us are enjoying cleaner and healthier teeth.
We are putting in our testimonial to share the effectiveness of T-Toothbrush with everybody. I strongly recommend T-Toothbrush to everyone.

By Alvin's Mother : Sharon Loh

 I have been having a lump on my gum for the past 3 years. After checking with a doctor, the doctor said it was an incurable symdrome. However, after a month of using T-Toothbrush, I was so surprised that the lump totally disappeared! After going back to the doctor, the doctor was amazed and said it was incredible. I found out that when I use T-Toothbrush to brush my teeth from up to down, it can really heal gum diseases. I now feel more comfortable and confident with myself. I sincrely share my experience with everyone and hope that you try out T-Toothbrush. You'll definitely feel the difference.

By Lim Fui Chin

 My name is Lai Siew Eng. My teeth was stained yellow because I regularly drink coffee. I tried many ways and many types of toothbrushes to remove the stains but it never worked. My teeth was still stained. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to T-Toothbrush and asked me to try it. The first time I tried it, I found out that it feels completely different compared to a normal toothbrush. My teeth felt clean immediately. After weeks of using it, the stains eventually faded and I could see the shine in my teeth again. I was overjoyed that I found such a unique toothbrush that can remove coffee stains. Now, T-Toothbrush will be my only choice. I hereby recommend that everybody uses T-Toothbrush. It can really improve your oral hygiene and teeth.

By Lai Siew Eng
 The T-Toothbrush is wonderful. After using the toothbrush I found that not only does it floss as it claims, but it cleans my teeth better than my existing toothbrush. Its soft bristles were easy on my sensitive gums. I could actually feel the longer flossing bristles working to help clean between my teeth, but even they didn't hurt my gums. And the handle shape made brushing easy, even my back teeth, where my existing toothbrush required me to hold it on an uncomfortable thin side. Since using this toothbrush, I feel that my teeth are cleaner and healthier. I can't wait to see the results in my next dental visit!

By Joey Liu
 As someone who brushes her teeth and uses a tongue scraper up to four and five times a day, I rarely floss. Therefore your T-Toothbrush design was of great interest to me. I love it! I can actually feel the longer bristles moving between my teeth, which is reminding me to floss. It even feels good while it's being used. Thank you for making another great product.

By Kim Soon
 Recently I had the privilege of trying a T-Toothbrush and I have got to say it is the best toothbrush I have ever used. When I first used it my whole mouth had hurt like my teeth have just been cleaned by a dentist. With that feeling, I know it works. Thank you for making a product that really works.

By King
 I am embarrassed to admit I never floss my teeth but after just one week of using the T-Toothbrush my teeth are cleaner and my gum line seems healthier. I also find the overall design of the T-Toothbrush to be much better than others I have tried. Job well done!

By Khee Leng
 With my busy lifestyle it is hard to accomplish every thing in one day. Although I have always known the importance of flossing it ultimately was low on my daily priority list. So when I came across the T-Toothbrush I decided to try it out. The double-tiered bristles are soft and gentle on my teeth and gums. The handle is comfortable and easy to maneuver. The T-Toothbrush provides a stimulating refreshing experience each time I brush my teeth. My oral hygiene is very important to me and now with T-Toothbrush I can floss every time I brush my teeth. One tool, one step gets the job done. Thank you so much!

By Jenny Wong